Medical Water

brief presentation of the mineral water

Every drop is precious – mineral water of Mosonmagyaróvár

The thermal bath of Flexum Thermal & Spa is located in the gem of Szigetköz, Mosonmagyaróvár, the thermal water of which is considered by the locals as the source of regeneration. The healing power of the thermal water is attributable to the capability of the bath of Mosonmagyaróvár.

The thermal water contains little sediment, and is a hot spring with a high salt content, low hardness, alkali hydrogen carbonate, chloride nature, iodine and fluorine contents. In addition to its comforting power, the thermal water of the Flexum Thermal Mosonmagyaróvár is excellent for several locomotive and respiratory diseases.

Bath treatment of locomotive diseases

  • bone and joint diseases of degenerative nature
  • locomotive diseases and muscular diseases (rheumatic diseases)
  • post-treatment of locomotive diseases resulting from accidents
  • healing of chronic gynaecological inflammations
Sodium ionNa +1740,875,6998,77
Calcium ionCa 2+6,80,340,44
Magnesium ionMg 2+1,00,080,10
Iron ionFe 3+0,10--
AmmoniumNH4 +9,60,530,69
Chloride ionCl-1145,032,2942,13
Iodide ionJ-1,9250,010,01
Fluoride ionF-4,500,240,31
Hydrogen carbonateHCO3-2690,044,1057,53
Meta-tartaric acidHBO25,0--
Silicic acidH7SIO360,84--
Free carbonic acidCO25665,563153,28-

Oxygen consumption:  O2= 2.80 mg/liter 
Depth of the thermal well: 2000 m 
Temperature of the thermal water: 74 °C

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