“After all, water is the best of all” Hippocrates

Bioptron Lamp

The Bioptron lamp is a special light therapy device emitting top quality polarized light. This therapy has a direct effect on the body, promoting regeneration and healing. The Bioptron lamp stimulates the activity of the cells, improves the blood circulation, and alleviates the pain. The device can be used for plenty of conditions, promoting wound healing, reducing muscular tension, and contributing to the overall well-being.

Child Massage

The child massage is a gentle therapy definitely designed for children, which promotes the relaxation of the muscles and the establishment of physical and mental balance. The massage may help reducing the stress, support good sleep, and stimulate positive feelings. The child massage may offer a playful and relaxing experiment to the children, contributing also to the health development of their bodies and to the reduction of stress.

Ear Candling

The ear candling is an ancient method, when a candle is inserted into the ear, and then it is ignited. The therapy is intended to clean the ear canals and the sinuses. The soft heat of the candle smoke and the air turbulences generated during the treatment help loosening the liquids and deposits accumulated in the ear.

Sports Massage

The sports therapy is a specific therapeutic procedures developed for sportsmen. This form of massage focuses on the deeper muscular layers, promoting the alleviation of muscular tension and spasms. The sports massage may improve the motion range, promote the regeneration, and reduce injuries caused by sports.


Vacuum is created by means of special cups placed on the skin during cupping. This stimulates the blood circulation, and deeply penetrates into the tissues, promoting the reduction of muscular tension. Cupping may alleviate the pain, and support the natural healing processes of the body. In addition, the treatment may promote also excretion of toxins, contributing to the overall physical and mental well-being.

Lava Stone Massage

During the lava stone massage, warmed stones are placed on various parts of the body. Due to the heat of the stones, the muscles relax, stresses reduce, the blood circulation improves, and muscular spasms mitigate. The lava stone massage is a treatment, which energizes, and helps restoring the harmony of the body and of the mind.

Underwater Water-Jet massage

The underwater jet massage is done individually in a medical bath. The medical water is directed manually from one tube to different parts of the body. The treatment strengthens weakened muscles, improves motor functions of the joints, stimulates blood circulation, releases adherent tissues and restores the condition of the skin. It also has a wellbeing and refreshing effect. 

Pool bath

Our medicinal water has a beneficial effect on degenerative bone and joint disorders, treatment of chronic inflammatory joint and muscle diseases (rheumatic diseases), after-treatment of locomotor disorders of accidental origin, and treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases in gynaecology.  


A weight-bath is an underwater treatment whose purpose is to draw apart the spinal vertebrae from each other to elongate the spinal column, relieving nerve roots from pressure. Stretching enables the intervertebral discs to be restored to their original healthy condition. 

Effervescent bath

The essence of the effervescent bath is that the bubbles in the water can stimulate the blood vessels close to the patient’s skin surface, which increases the skin’s carbon dioxide saturation. As a result, breathing becomes deeper and blood vessels expand, providing an additional therapeutic possibility for treating cardiovascular diseases and diseases accompanying vascular contraction. 

Mud Bath of Hévíz

The effect of medicinal mud is similar to the effect of medicinal waters. As mud packs are made of earthy matter, they are also referred to as “healing soil”. Mud does not lose its healing effect even during transportation, so many places use material from another place. 
Utilizing its physical (thermal) and chemical (mineral) effects, it can be used to relax muscles, relieve pain and reduce chronic inflammation. By reducing shrinkage of tendons and sinews, surgical solutions that may arise during the treatment of these tendons can be prevented or delayed. It is effective concerning the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders and in the post-treatment of locomotor surgery and accidents. 

Medication wrap (Antipholg, Ritex)

During medication pack, the medicine is delivered into the body through the skin. The common feature of the wraps is that they have a chemical effect only when applying them. 

Massage and therapist massage

Massage has been a popular therapy used since ancient times. Its numerous versions are now widespread in the world. It can be used to preserve and maintain general well-being and physical condition, and to prevent disease. 
Therapist massage is based on a personalized manual treatment, which is carried out on medical advice for therapeutic purposes. The general effect of the massage is to improve wellbeing, to soothe, relax and refresh. Due to its local effect, the blood supply (nutrient supply) of the locomotor system and the removal of accumulated waste products are improved. The movement of the joints is restored. 

Sole reflex massage

Sole massage increases the resistance of your body. It reduces the stress, and induces detoxification. It has a general refreshing and relaxant effect, promotes the preservation and regeneration of physical, mental health by activating the body’s self-healing power.

Massaging the sole zones induces a reflex (this is why it is called reflex zone massage, which is a collective term) in the organs, stimulating thereby the self-healing mechanisms.


BEMER therapy is a special pulsating magnetotherapy, physical vascular therapy. The therapy is carried out through using a so-called BEMER Magnetic Therapy Device, which has a scientifically proven mode of action that, through its effective stimulation of the microcirculation, can have a positive effect on the whole body.